Master Saleem

  • Saleem was given this name "Master Saleem" as he was the youngest singer in the country. No one knew this title "Master" would have a different meaning when he will be young.Today "Master" in his name explains that he has mastered the art of singing. He is one of the finest singers in Indian sub continent.A classically trained voice that is both versatile and earthy, it carries the richness, uniqueness and versatility that has become a pre-qualification in this era of experimentation in Bollywood.Saleem's advent has added a new dimension and swept the Indian music scene from Pop to Sufi and traditional Punjabi to Folk. A soul that thrives on music, to Saleem, music is communion with God while singing Sufiana Kalams; music is celebration of life when he is enthralling his audiences with his renditions to the beat of the dhol.

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